Resources: Databases of Books and Other Information

AGORHA:   Accès Global et Organisé aux Ressources en Histoire de l’Art

  • Resources held by the INHA (Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris) including bibliographies of French architectural books and of festival books, catalogues of French and Italian paintings, and the Répertoire d’art et d’archéologie (1910-1972)

Aquae Urbis Romae

  • Interactive map documenting water sources in Rome (natural, fountains, etc) from 753 BCE to 1700

Architectura:  Architecture, textes et images XVIe-XVIIe siècles

  • List of early modern French architectural books and other texts related to architecture, many digitized
  • Worldwide list of links to similar sites

Architecture et théorie:  L’héritage de la Renaissance

  • Collection of papers from 2009 conference held at the Centre d’études supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours

Architecture in the Classical Tradition

  • Overview of Classicism from Antiquity to the present, including thematic and chronological strands, images, and a glossary
  • Encyclopedia of architects working in Vienna, 1770-1945
  • Global database of objects in various cultural heritage collections, allowing for thematic searches
  • Database of digitized French manuscripts, printed materials, and other primary sources

The British School at Rome Library and Archive Digital Collections

  • Database of digitized objects from the British School at Rome collection, including prints, travel journals, and maps

Bodleian Libraries Special Collections

  • Digitized objects from the Bodleian, including maps, 15c printed books, and a range of manuscripts

Capability Brown’s Account Book

  • Digitized account book of 18th-century English landscape designer Lancelot “Capability” Brown

Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance

  • Monuments from Antiquity and known in the Renaissance listed with related documents (eg, texts and images) and other information

Census of Italian 16th-Century Editions (EDIT 16)

  • Index of books printed in any language in Italy and in Italian in any other country from 1501 to 1600

CIPRO:  Illustrated Catalogue of the Maps of Rome Online

  • Printed maps of Rome, c. 1550-c. 1870

Compass and Rule:  Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England, 1500-1750

  • Online counterpart to a 2009-2010 exhibition (Museum of the History of Science, Oxford; Yale Center for British Art), includes select images and videos

Connected Histories:  British History Sources, 1500-1900

  • Database searchable by keyword across a range of media (eg, drawings, prints, newspapers)

Digital Book Index

  • Worldwide database of primary and secondary sources, encompassing collections from Google Books to the British Library
  • Index of 17c books

Digital Trésor Collection

  • Mostly Dutch (some Belgian and German) digitized collection of maps, printed books, journals, and dissertations [sponsored by TU Delft]

Digitized Travel Accounts of Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe

  • 14c-16c European travel accounts

The Diplomatic Correspondence of Thomas Bodley (1585-1597)

  • Transcriptions of Thomas Bodley’s letters (will eventually include correspondence relating to the rebuilding of the Bodleian Library)

Early Dutch Books Online

  • Books published in Dutch-speaking regions, 1781-1800

Early Modern Colloquium, University of Michigan

  • Variety of interdisciplinary online sources on early modern Europe — eg, historical and literary texts, maps, images

Early Modern Thought Online

  • Database of digitized books related to intellectual history (philosophy, history of science, theology)

Early Modern Resources

  • Wide range of interdisciplinary sources on early modern Europe — eg, maps, books, bibliographies

EDIT 16:  Censimento nazionale delle edizioni italiane del XVI secolo

  • Database of 16c books printed across Italy in any language and printed in Italian outside of Italy

European Cultural Heritage Online (ECHO) Database

  • Digitized architectural books, including those in the Werner Oechslin Library
  • Ongoing initiatives for compiling digitized 17c Roman architectural drawings and digitized sources related to building practice (by the Bibliotheca Hertziana), for digitizing the Florentine Duomo archives (some images available), and for documenting photographically the Florentine Duomo’s structure

Folger Digital Texts:  Shakespeare’s Plays

  • Online editions of Shakespeare’s 38 plays, including options to search and download

The Galileo Project

  • Biographical and bibliographical information on late 16c and early 17c scientists, particularly Galileo (includes some images — eg, Thomas Harriot’s moon maps)

Gallica:  Bibliothèque numérique

  • Database of French books (some in other languages) Bibliothèque nationale de France

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus Online

  • Reference of more than 250,000 terms related to art and architectural history, styles, and techniques

Getty Guide to the Description of Architectural Drawings

  • Summary of guidelines, conventions, and standards for describing architectural drawings and documents

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names

  • Reference of more than 2,000,000 names of current and historical places, from cities to physical features

Gli anni della Cupola, 1417-1436

  • Collection of documents related to the construction of Brunelleschi’s dome for S. Maria del Fiore and housed at the Opera di S. Maria del Fiore

Götterbilder und Götzendiener in der Frühen Neuzeit:  Europas Blick auf fremde Religionen

  • Images of and text on prints of objects and buildings related to historical and global religious practices, exhibited in Heidelberg during 2012

The Hartlib Papers

  • Database of the papers of Samuel Hartlib (1600-1662), including correspondence and pamphlets

Henry Wotton, The Elements of Architecture (FONTES 68)

  • Transcription of Wotton’s 1624 treatise, with detailed introductory commentary

Historic New England’s Collections

  • Database comprising architectural drawings, wallpaper, furnishings, and other objects from the New England region of the United States

Hubertus Günther, “Die süddeutsche Spätgotik zwischen Ausklang des Mittelalters und Beginn der Renaissance”

  • Article on Late Gothic architecture in southern Germany

Humphry Repton, The Red Book of Blaise Castle, Seat of John Scandrett Harford Esq.

  • Description and drawings by Repton of his landscape design for Blaise Castle, 1795-6

Interactive Nolli Map Website

  • Digital version of Giambattista Nolli’s 1748 map of Rome, with articles on historical context and thematic layers (eg, natural landscape, architecture, social factors)

The Internet Archive:  Texts

  • Database of numerous primary sources from across Europe and now held in North American collections

IntraText Digital Library

  • Global database of books and other texts, including those of ancient Greece and Rome; includes a concordance for each source

Landgraf Moritz von Hessen-Kassel (1572-1637) — Architectural Drawings

  • Database of the architectural drawings by the Landgraf Moritz von Hessen-Kassel housed in the Universitätsbibliothek Kassel

Large Digital Libraries of Pre-1800 Printed Books in Western Languages

  • Global list of libraries with digitized books, from Austria and France to Hungary and Estonia

Layers of London

  • Collection of interactive maps compiling digital resources concerning the history of London from the Roman Empire to the present

Leonardo da Vinci, Codex Arundel (British Library)

  • Digitized version of Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscript that includes mechanics, optics, architecture, and other topics

Manuscriptorium:  European Digital Library of Written Cultural Heritage

  • Single digital library interface offering access to manuscripts, printed books, maps and other documents across European archives

Mediateca di Palazzo Medici Riccardi

  • Database of images, lists of relevant manuscripts and books, and other historical information

Monastic Matrix

  • Database of images, primary sources, and other bibliography on women’s religious communities across Europe, 400-1600

Münchener DigitalisierungsZentrum Digitale Bibliothek

  • Extensive collection of digitized books, with numerous subgroups of early modern materials

Oak Spring Garden Library

  • Small database of  the Mellon collection of 17c-19c European garden books

Picturing Places

  • British Library database showcasing some of the topographical resources in its collections, including paintings, drawings, letters and books, and also containing thematic articles and videos about these resources

Randel Farm Maps of Manhattan, 1818-1820

  • Maps of Manhattan from Houston Street to northernmost point of island, housed in Office of the Manhattan Borough President

Robert Hooke’s Books

  • Searchable database of the library of the 17th-century scientist and architect Robert Hooke, noting locations of extant volumes and with an extensive editors’ introduction

The Rylands Collection, The University of Manchester

  • Images of the rare books, manuscripts, and archives in the Special Collections Division of The John Rylands University Library

Scriptorium:  Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online

  • Database of English manuscript miscellanies and commonplace books, c. 1450-1720, together with other resources on manuscripts

Sources des fêtes et des cérémonies décorées par Charles Le Brun (1660-1687)

  • Database of visual, manuscript, and printed sources documenting ceremonies designed by Charles Le Brun for Louis XIV

The Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae Digital Collection

  • Digitized collection of the prints in Antonio Lafreri’s Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae, with notes on historical context

Stuarts Online

  • Compendium of various resources related to the British Stuart Dynasty, including relevant online primary sources, links to further databases for research, a timeline of key events, and a discussion forum

Students’ Guide to Italian Renaissance Architecture

  • Overview of Italian Renaissance architects and buildings, set within a cultural historical context

The Theater That Was Rome

  • Books, prints, and printshop inventories relating to early modern Rome

The Universal Short Title Catalogue

  • Database of all books published in Europe from the invention of printing until the end of the 16c

University of Heidelberg’s Digital Collection of Historic Literature

  • Wide range of primary sources (eg, manuscripts at Heidelberg and elsewhere, archives on Heidelberg, anatomical drawings and literature, newspapers, sources on the history of art history)
  • Architectural and Garden Treatise Collection (pan-European collection, 15c-19c)

VD17 Bibliography of 17c German Books

  • Catalogue, with digital facsimiles, of books published in German-speaking lands, 1601-1700

Vincenzo Scamozzi:  Lektüren eines gelehrten Architekten

  • Digitized version of Scamozzi’s annotated copy of Sebastiano Serlio’s treatise (1551 edition), with extensive information and analysis (book held at Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich, Germany)

Virtual Tour of Chiswick House (England)

  • A 3-D digital tour of the state rooms at Lord Burlington’s Neo-Palladian Chiswick House

Vitruviana:  Bibliothek Werner Oechslin

  • Digitized versions of all 100 editions of Vitruvius from the collection of the architectural historian Werner Oechslin; 70 books from before 1900