New Book: Twelve Houses Restored in Japan and Italy

Twelve Houses Restored in Japan and Italy

by Olimpia Niglio and Taisuke Kuroda

ISBN 978-88-548-4148-2, formato 17 x 24 cm, 220 pagine, 26 euro

The restoration of architecture in a nation is a project strictly connected
to its culture, its society, as well as to the weather conditions  and  to
its political and economic background. The contemporary culture, in
particular, has developed an awareness of the fact that the main purpose of
the conservation of monuments and landscape is  not only protecting the
matter of social well but also its intrinsic values, strongly connected to
the sense of belonging to the place. The necessity of searching these
values comes from the need of knowledge of the different cultural
references that permit to man to direct his choices as concerns
conservation and safeguard compared to popular areas of interest apparently
of less importance but vivid from the cultural and social point of view.
And this is the birth of  the relationship between values and needs
connected to the demand of transformation of urban and housing contexts. On
these assumptions the book Twelve houses restored in Italy and Japan
focuses on restoration projects of historical urban contexts, where the
theme of living produced changes, influenced different intervention methods
and functional choices without changing the sign of history. The book wants
to introduce restoration projects comparing different cultural realities
and architectonical methods that characterized the present situation in
Italy and Japan. The experiences described in the book notice an
interesting sharing among the different methods of restoration.


Shigeru Aoki, Francesco Bortolini, Yoko Chikazumi, Shinichi Chikazumi,
Franco Cucchiarati, Vito Corte, Aldo Flore, Marco Imperadori, Akira
Kanehiro, Naoko Kuroda, Francesco Loschi, Katsuhiro Miyamoto, Arata Naya,
Manabu Naya, Giuseppe Pagano, Paolo Panetto, Rosanna Venezia, Chiara

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