Mission Statement

Early Modern Architecture fosters research and education on the architecture (design, theory, and practice) of Europe and its colonies, 1400-1800.  It provides a public forum across geographical and disciplinary boundaries for the dissemination and discussion of innovative issues, areas of research, and methodologies.  We seek to forge an international network of exchange among scholars and professionals by:

  • increasing the public visibility and accessibility of early modern architecture
  • broadening our awareness and understanding of architecture’s multi-faceted uses and interpretations
  • promoting dialogues across cultural, geographical, and disciplinary boundaries
  • showcasing rigorous critical inquiry into the built environment and its methodological as well as historiographical discourses
  • providing a central node for the circulation of research ideas and projects
  • exploring the potential of digital media for broadening knowledge of buildings and their cultural context

Flyer [Available here in A4 format]

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