EMA Book and Exhibition Reviews: June 2019

Pan-European / Global

Lucey, Conor. Building Reputations: Architecture and the Artisan, 1750–1830.  Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018. 264 pages, ISBN 9781526119940. Review by Carl Lounsbury available here.

Maestro van Wittel: Dutch Master of the Italian Cityscape, Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort (26 January – 5 May 2019). Exhibition review by Keith Miller available here.

Reeve, Matthew M., ed. Tributes to Pierre du Prey. Architecture and the Classical Tradition, from Pliny to Posterity. Turnhout: Harvey Miller Publishers, 2015. 288 pages, ISBN: 9781909400122. Review by Paul Ranogajec available here.

Priesterjahn, Maike, and Claudia Schuster, eds. Schwimmender Barock. Das Schiff als Repräsentationsobjekt. Berlin: be.bra wissenschaft verlag, 2018. 159 pages, ISBN 9783898091534. Review by Patrick Schmidt available here.

British Isles

Glendinning, Miles, and Aonghus MacKechnie. Scotch Baronial: Architecture and National Identity in Scotland. London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2019. 312 pages, ISBN 9781474283472. Review by Clarisse Godard Desmarest available here.

Purcell, Mark. The Country House Library. London and New Haven: Yale University Press in association with the National Trust, 2017. 352 pages, ISBN 9780300227406. Review by Jeremy Musson available here.

Low Countries

Fabri, Ria, and Piet Lombaerde. Rubens. The Jesuit Church of Antwerp. Translated by Jantien Black and Ted Alkins. London: Harvey Miller Publishers, 2018. 370 pages, ISBN 9781909400979. Review by Ethan Matt Kavaler available here.


Urquízar-Herrera, Antonio. Admiration and Awe. Morisco Buildings and Identity Negotiations in Early Modern Spanish Historiography. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. 272 pages, ISBN 9780198797456. Review by Ieva Kalnača available here.