CFP: Religious Identities in Conflict?: Coexistence, Exchanges and Confrontations in the Mediterranean (12th-18th c.)

Deadline:  31 Mar 2015

University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

7-8 May 2015

The question of “identity”, as well as the integration of minorities under a specific legal, political and religious framework is one of the most relevant topics in international research. This conference will focus on the multidisciplinary analysis of the evolution of this trans-cultural reality, specifically on the mechanisms for integration and exclusion existing during the 12th to the 18th centuries in the Mediterranean, due to the presence of diverse religions.

The topics for analysis and discussion will be:
• Analysis of the formation of religious identity in the Mediterranean.
• Spaces for living together.
• Inquisition, violence and repression.
• The image of the “other”.
• Inter-religious solidarity networks.

Guest speakers
Dr. Luis Bernabé Pons (Universidad de Alicante-Cátedra Unesco Islam, cultura y sociedad)
Dra. Giovanna Fiume (Università degli Studi di Palermo)
Dra. Beate Fricke (University of California, Berkeley)
Dr.Fernando Marias (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Dr. Juan Carlos Ruiz Souza (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Dr. Maurizio Sangalli (Univesità per Stranieri di Siena)
Dr. Amadeo Serra Desfilis (Universitat de València)
Dr. Antonio Urquízar Herrera (Universidad Nacional a Distancia).

Scientific committee
Dr. Joan Aliaga Morell (Universitat Politécnica de València)
Dr. Luis Arciniega García (Universitat de València)
Dr. Ximo Company Climent (Universitat de Lleida)
Dr. Simon Ditchfield (University of York)
Dra. Mercedes García Arenal (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)
Dr. Vincenzo Lavenia (Università degli Studi di Macerata)
Dr. Felipe Pereda (Johns Hopkins University)
Dr. Enrique Soria Mesa (Universidad de Córdoba)
Dr. John Tolan (Universitè de Nantes)

Organizing committee
Organized by the Research Group Identidades en conflicto: la expresión artística e identitaria de las minorías religiosas en el Reino de Valencia medieval y moderno (ICEMM) GV/2014/048. – Identities in conflict. The artistic and identity expressions of the religious minorities in the Medieval and Modern Kingdom of Valencia.

Dr. Borja Franco (Universitat de València)
Dr. Felipe Jerez (Universitat de València)
Dr. Manuel Lomas (Universitat de València)
D. Bruno Pomara Saverino (Universitat de València)
Dra. Nuria Ramón (Universitat Politécnica de València)
Dña. Bárbara Ruiz-Bejarano (Universidad de Alicante)
Technical secretariat
Rubén Gregori
Karen Gregorio
Miguel Ángel Herrero

Call for communications
If you wish to present a communication, please, send an abstract of maximum 400 words, in Spanish, English, Italian or French, together with a brief academic summary, including main research milestones and publications. Deadline for abstracts is March 31st 2015. Confirmation of participation will be on April 7th 2015. Abstracts and résumés should be sent to the e-mail:

Communications will be 15-minute long. The scientific paper will be published in the Conference Book, following a double-blind peer review process.

Updates on the Conference can be followed in the Facebook page:

Registration fees
University students – attendance only: 10 € (Eur).
Professors of professionals – attendance only: 20 € (Eur)..
In both cases, a certificate of attendance will be issued provided the person has participated in at least 75% of the sessions.
Participants with communication: 50 € (Eur). This inscription includes the Conference Book, which will be published by December 2015.

Fees must be paid by bank transfer BEFORE MAY 2ND 2015 to the following bank account (Bankia):
IBAN ES80 2038 9938 4260 0026 7500

To register, send the proof of payment and your personal and contact information to:

This conference is supported by the following institutions
Generalitat Valenciana
Vicerrectorado de Sostenibilidad y planificación de la Univesitat de València
Departamento de Historia del Arte de la Universitat de València
Istituto Sangalli per la storia e le culture religiose, Florencia
Facultad de Geografía e Historia de la Universitat de València
Departamento de Filologías Integradas de la Universidd de Alicante
Cátedra Unesco-Universidad de Alicante: Islam, Cultura y Sociedad
Fundación Bancaja.
Departamento de Historia Moderna de la Universitat de València
Centre d’Art d´Época Moderna de la Universitat de Lleida